Mexico – Playing Tourist


This trip was tied into our one year anniversary trip, meaning I didn’t want it to just be visiting and I didn’t want my husband’s first experience of México to just be in the dusty little town and a life that he has never experienced, I wanted him to have fun, and I wanted to have a chance to relax myself after a very long stressful winter. So we booked a couple nights in a resort, we went to the markets, and checked out some of the local tourist areas. It was wonderful to have this time to just enjoy together.

At the Bufadora: a Natural blowhole in the ocean cliffs. It sprays about every 20 seconds.



Downtown Ensenada

IMG_8204 IMG_8196

At Estero Beach Resort, I had never been here before and had no idea that such a nice place existed in Ensenada! They had everything, a private beach, a waterfront boardwalk, our room faced the ocean and 3 steps from our private patio was the pool and hot tubs, there was a great restaurant and a ton of other things we didn’t even take advantage of, horseback riding, an off-road track, water sports etc. It was absolute paradise to spend our final days in Mexico here.

IMG_8639IMG_8635 IMG_3478 IMG_8684IMG_8690IMG_8661 IMG_8657



ImageMexico always brings up so much emotion in me. We just got home from 10 wonderful days in Mexico and its hard to figure out how to put it all into words. It was truly a joy to be back “home” and this time with my husband at my side. Getting to see people who inspire me with their commitment and dedication to helping people despite the struggles and to (hopefully) be a source of encouragement to them. Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so perhaps I’ll just share a few pictures.

Gloria making tortillas – She grew up in the orphanage and is now thriving in the home of an amazing couple in the town.

Always good to see old friends, and eat their yummy tacos!

IMG_3418 IMG_3442_edited-1
We went out to one of the communities to have a class with some of the kids. We also got to play with them and give them milk and peanut butter to help add some nutrition to their diet.

It was great seeing old friends (and new faces) still serving the people of Mexico, I don’t have nearly as many pictures of everyone as I should as I was far to busy talking and visiting to remember to take pictures!

Cinco De Mayo Party

May is a busy month for us celebration wise.

It’s my birthday, its our anniversary, it’s mothers day and its my mother’s birthday.

So we decided to take off, but not without a party to celebrate at least some of these happy occasions with a party on yet another special day: Cinco de Mayo! It was a pinterest success story! Here’s how it all looked (before people came and ate and ruined it all of course!)

Corona Vases

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