Summertime is my absolute favorite time of the year! Time to get out camping, going to the lake, getting outside, seeing friends, etc.

This year its going to harder to get out, so since I will be home more I decided I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle to help me look and feel great about myself and add some goals to my summer.

To do this, I have signed up for two 5k Runs with my best friend. Radiant Run: A night run with glowsticks and music at the University of British Columbia in Augest. And The Color Run: A run through the PNE grounds where people on the sidelines throw paint pigment at you! Both should be a blast and are helping me to stay motivated.

I am also working on a 30 Day Ab Challenge…so that maybe in a few weeks time I won’t feel gross in a swimsuit after 2 years of just not caring. Currently on Day 4. Between that and training for the runs, I hope to do something active every day this summer!

Thanks to and for keeping me motivated! May this be the healthiest summer ever!


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