BABYMOON – Whistler, BC

We knew we needed to get away sooner rather then later if we wanted to get away as just us before baby comes. Winter is just way to busy to try and get away for us. We also knew we didn’t want to spend a TON of money travelling somewhere, so Whistler seemed like a good compromise.

Whistler in the fall is very different and quiet compared to Whistler in the summer or winter when we have been before. There is not really any of the usual outdoor stuff to do there, and most of what was there I couldn’t do while pregnant, but it was still a great weekend away. We spent a lot of time just hanging out in the condo by ourselves in front of the fireplace, ate at a few new places in the village and went on a scenic drive of the nearby lakes, or just sitting in the sun at the park enjoying the last warmth of the season.

IMG_3652 IMG_3656

IMG_3660 IMG_366520131026-IMG_9446

Cascade Lodge


We also took our time coming back home and stopped at a few places we had “always wanted to stop” but never had. Alice lake, Poteau Cove, the Cypress viewpoint were the most notable ones!

IMG_3671 IMG_3672

Alice Lake


IMG_3680 20131027-IMG_9477

Porteau Cove


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