20Week Appointment

20Week Appointment (-2 Days)

Normally I don’t post about appointments, but this one was significant. I Was needing to change where I was getting my prenatal care for a few reasons, mainly because I want to deliver at a hospital that is out of the clinic where I was at’s “area” and because I was tired of a maternity clinic sending me to the hospital for every little thing…even the hospital asked me last time “why did they send you here? They could have checked you out”.

So after some panicking about what I was going to do when I told them I wanted to switch and they handed me my files and said “see ya”… I had a conversation about care with the Nurse Practitioner who works out of my workplace. God must have brought it together because it turns out almost all of her previous experience was in maternity and she was even instrumental at setting up a new maternity care project in a neighboring city before coming to work here. She offered to do my prenatal care in the meantime and that she would work on referrals for me to go to Dr or Midwife closer to the hospital at 28-30 weeks.

Yesterday I had my appointment with her and while the basis of the appointment was the same. (Pee in a cup, take blood pressure, weight, listen to baby etc), she was much more wanting me to be involved in the process, and listening to my needs and wants is going to look into a number of things for me in terms of pre-natal classes, mid-wife groups, she said that she will be willing to help with my follow-up care  to help with breastfeeding or new mom questions (which is something I will lose by not going to a Mid-wife or Douala in my area). She also said that my blood pressure is still on the lower side, but no longer low enough to be considered low, which is really good news for me. She answered some of my questions about some of my test results and was overall very reassuring. It was just an amazing difference…even though I liked the Dr. at the clinic, this felt much more personalized and like she was invested in not only how I am today, but how I am as a new mom/first pregnancy and how we can best ensure that the best care plan is in place for me as me….

Feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off.




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