Spinach Smoothie

I always thought of myself as “fairly Healthy” when it comes to eating. I got used to making sure I got enough iron and calcium and protein over years of being vegetarian, borderline anemic and lactose intolerant. And I have come to love vegetables in my adult life. However, pregnancy has robbed me of any desire to have vegetables, which has made eating even “ok” a challenge.

Recently I had a friend mention, “why not make smoothies, you can hide all kinds of good stuff in them”. So I went out and bought a blender (The one kitchen item we didn’t get when we got married) and today experimented with my first “add some veggies to a smoothie” drink.

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Spinach Smoothie Experiment #1

1 handful of baby spinach

1 full banana

 Strawberry Yogurt

Almond Milk

I must say it was a success…I might even add more spinach next time as all I really tasted was the banana and the yogurt….yum strawberry banana with hidden veggies. I am officially excited to try more creations!




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