28 week update.


Two weeks ago I was in a car accident. It was a terrible rainy night and someone cut me off and left me no option but to hit them or break, so I tried to slow down but because of the rain/puddles my car slide around and was hit by the car behind me on the passenger side. Both cars are written off, and the guy who cut me off…well he didn’t even check his rear-view mirror I am sure as he first pulled out into my lane when I was there and then didn’t stop.

RIP Corolla.

I was quite sore and had bruising from the seatbelt, sore and stiff but than that thank God everyone walked away uninjured. I went to the hospital as a pre-caution to make sure baby was not harmed and they hooked me up to a fetal monitor that would monitor her heartbeat/movements and also monitor if I was having any contractions. They told me what they are mainly looking for is if the impact was going to trigger pre-term labour or if it had caused damage to the placenta, in which case they would have to get baby out of there. But after 4 hours of monitoring they were convinced that both baby and I were fine, the only trouble they had with baby was that she was TOO squirmy and kicking all night and they had to keep moving the monitor to find her.

Other Pregnancy Updates: My Nurse Practitioner sent me for another Ultrasound as she said my fundal height is still measuring small, and especially with the accident a few days before, she wanted to make sure that baby was still growing appropriately. At the  ultrasound they said baby looks fine, and still looks like a girl and is currently head down with her legs up by her head like a V….but again…she likes an audience and was kicking away and making it hard for them to get the shots and the Heartbeat there as well. Fun Fact: Baby was weighing about 3lbs 4oz at the ultrasound appointment. We also started our Pre-natal classes last week. I am excited to get to know other new parents in our area, since having lived here 2 years we still don’t know a lot of people!

Baby Girl 28 Weeks

I was also asked by my Nurse Practitioner to start doing “kick counts”, to make sure she kicks at least 6 times in a 2 hour period…so far its more like 6 times in 5 minutes……This baby is a mover!

Mommy symptoms: Have been sick all weekend. Its so much harder to get better when you are constantly tired and sore anyways! Also the maternity clothes I bought back in week 9 hoping they would grow with me…nope. Nothing fits.  I finally got new clothes this week, new maternity jeans from H&M, and a few dresses, shirts and skirts online from PinkBlush Maternity. I am excited to have stuff that fits again, even if its just a few pieces! Ironically I feel like my belly looks smaller with clothes that fit properly…

One of 4 pieces I ordered.

I also got some more cloth diapers off Craigslist for a great deal! I am pretty much done my pocket/one size stash now! Just need a couple more hybrids and maybe some newborn sizes…


Top Drawer of Diaper Station

I also got a sleep sack of Zulily that I love….and we picked up our carseat! with only 12 weeks left, we wanted to make sure we have most of the big stuff that we will need right away ready!


Britax B-Safe


Halo Sleep Sack


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  1. Amanda
    Jan 22, 2014 @ 18:30:05

    I love those sleep sacks! T slept in one for months.


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