32 Weeks



Symptoms: Momma can’t sleep! Between heartburn, leg cramps, drinking water to try and minimize the leg cramps and then having to pee, and baby playing ninja all night (and any attempt at a nap) sleep has officially become rare. Also baby is getting STRONG and is determined to get out through my ribs or side!

Clothes: Most of the time comfort wins these days. A lot of maternity clothes are too tight but with only 8 weeks left I am trying to just make do. Bras are uncomfortable as baby likes to push on my ribs.

Gear: We got a BOB Revolution SE stroller off craigslist for a great price! It is hardly used and in fabulous condition!

Tonight also marked the last of our pre-natal classes. I highly recommend any new parents take them. Although a lot of the actual information was not new to me, it was a lot that was new to Paul and it also gave a chance to ask questions and get feedback on some preconceived ideas. Also it was great having an instructor who is also been to births as a doula in both the local hospitals so she was able to offer us some tips and experiences she has had with the local health system and labour and maternity wards.

All About Baby

Your baby’s the size of a squash!
Still growing, your baby weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches.


Grandma’s Tree

Grandma's Tree

Thanks Grandma Ginny for painting this gorgeous tree in the nursery! We love it!


30 Weeks




30 Weeks!

The last couple weeks have been a LOT less eventful since the last post, which is something I am thankful for!

Symptoms: TIRED! and starting to hit the stage where I FEEL like I have to pee all the time…but I don’t actually…Baby girl is just using my bladder as a chair/punching bag/pillow quite often. She also likes to Stick her foot behind my Rib and push. Quite uncomfortable.

We are already halfway through our pre-natal classes which I totally recommend, worth paying the money if for nothing else but to help Paul know what’s going on (and going to be going on).

Starting to feel slightly overwhelmed by how much I want to get done before baby comes, and how little time there really is! I guess that’s where that nesting instinct comes in. Just wish I had some more energy to actually get much done!

All About Baby

Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow.

  • Her skin is getting smoother.
  • But her brain is getting wrinklier — to make way for all that essential brain tissue.
  • She’s now strong enough to grasp a finger!


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