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Raine Elizabeth – A Birth Story


Raine wasn’t going to miss her own birthday…

12:00AM on Friday April 11:  Aware that it was our “due date” but not really expecting that to mean anything, after all, I had always thought we would be early and that clearly hadn’t happened. But Raine knew what was up… I had just gone to bed when I felt the oddest “pop pop” low in my uterus followed by a sensation of wet. I wasn’t sure whether to freeze, or panic. I got up and sure enough there was fluid all over the bed, and more coming! I called into the Dr. on call who said that I could wait until morning or until contractions start to head to the hospital.

1:30AM: Contractions started. From the very beginning they were between 4-6 minutes apart and painful. I woke up Paul and told him “I think your baby is coming”. They continued to get worse and so we packed up and headed to the hospital. When we got to the hospital contractions were 2 minutes apart and lasting close to a minute each. The nurse who was on kept telling me I had lots of time and told me that they wouldn’t admit me. She told me that she had no proof that my water had broken, and that since I was only 2cm dilated I had lots of time and to go home. I did end up getting a morphine-gravel shot because the pain was so bad, and just kept getting worse. The shot didn’t seem to do anything and I was frustrated when they discharged me 45 minutes later without checking for progress, as even while we were there contractions had gotten worse quickly.

7:45AM: After labouring at home, I started to puke and having to poop a lot. I was in so much pain with contractions feeling like they were right on top of each other. I was sitting in the washroom when Paul looked at me and told me we needed to go back, NOW. The car ride back to the hospital was extremely uncomfortable painful and I was shaking so hard I could hardly get out of the car when we got there.

8:00AM: When we got to Labour and Delivery I was in so much pain and apparently it showed as one of the nurses took one look at me and said “turn around we are going to put you in a room right now”. Sure enough I was already dilated to 10cm. I was really lucky as the Dr. who I had been seeing for my prenatal care was on call and happened to already be at the hospital, so she came in and stayed with me to push. Pushing hurt like nothing I have ever felt before, but at least it felt like it had purpose and was something to focus on that contractions had not provided.

10:24 Baby Raine is born! She had had the cord wrapped around her neck twice, but the Dr. had managed to get it unwrapped before any harm done. She came into the world sleepy and it took some convincing and prodding to get her to give any good cry to make sure her little lungs were adjusting. I was so tired but so in awe of this little person I hardly noticed getting 2 stitches.

Welcome to our lives Raine, we love you so much!

IMG_9850 IMG_9858

Photo: Introducing little miss Raine Elizabeth Munro, born this morning (right on her due date) at 10:24am, 8.2 pounds and 21.5 inches long. Healthy and happy. :)


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