When you’re baby wants to make bread AKA attack of the yeast monster

Have come across a number of people lately asking what we did for my daughters yeast rashes which were absolutely terrible! Raine has been overly yeast-y since very early. She gets yeast rashes in her neck rolls, in her leg rolls, but the worst is when her diaper rash turns into yeast.

The problem with yeast is it is difficult to get rid of and having invested in cloth diapers (and since most disposables give little miss sensitive skin rashes anyways) it’s a LOT of work. I am going to break down what we did to battle the yeast into three categories – the roll rashes, the butt rash and the diapers.


Roll Rashes – There is not a whole lot you can do other then apply an antifungal cream and try to keep them dry. We do make sure to clean her rolls out with water regularly (Do NOT use cornstarch – yeast feeds on sugars) and when they get bad she gets baking soda in her bath water. Most sources say to add 2 tablespoons to warm water and let it dissolve before putting the baby in the bath. I mostly just eyeball how much. This helps to dry out their skin a bit so there a less damp dark places for the yeast to call home. Then we let her air dry until she is completely dry. I find this works best when we first get up…she gets her bath and then has naked time in the bathroom for about half an hour or so (until her nap). We also started her on probiotics (BioGaia is the brand) and since I am nursing I also started taking probiotics. Recently I found Triple Cream AF(antifungal) which I LOVE for her rolls since it’s got both an antifungal and zinc oxide to try and keep it dry!

Bum Rash – We started with an antifungal (Nystatin) and it would clear up her yeast rash about 90%….but could never get it completely gone and it would return. Eventually we tried a few different antifungal creams  prescription and non and the same thing. Apparently yeast can become resistant, so if the antifungal cream isn’t doing the trick in about a week, it has probably become resistant to the cream and its time to switch to another one or try something else. The above advice for roll rashes also applies to yeast diaper rash. Also Thrush can turn into a yeast diaper rash so be aware of watch for it if you suspect yeast (Luckily we have not had thrush – knock on wood).  

This is where we get into the time consuming but effective way to treat it…..Doing the following things we got rid of a yeast rash that had been going on 2 months of painful bum!

 – Ditch the wipes….completely. We didn’t even use cloth wipes, when she peed or pooped we rinsed her off under the tap (could also do in a baby bath, we didn’t have one)

When you dry, get really dry. Air dry as much as possible and when not possible us a blowdryer. We did an hour of diaperfree time every morning and every evening….and when possible as much of the day as you can. If you have floor that isn’t carpet this is easier to clean up after, or if your kid isn’t mobile yet throw a towel down or the waterproof crib mats.

Chamomile tea: My husband thought I had truly lost it when I told him I was going to put tea on our daughters bum. I had read it on the internet that it is a natural antifungal and I am convinced that is what finally did the trick! I can’t find the original site I found it on but I do 4tea bags seeped in 1cup of hot water for 20 minutes….let cool to room temperature. I then put it in a plastic container of some sort with a lid for convenience. (I usually divide it in half and put half in the fridge as it goes kind of slimy after a few days of being left out).

Breastmilk: I don’t think it does much for the yeast itself, but it helps the poor little bum heal.

Change often…we were changing every hour to err on the side of too often when it was bad.

 So our diaper changes took about half an hour every time, and dependent on how stubborn the rash is you might get rid of it with just an antifungal and some diaperfree time or you might be like us and need to take full offense to fight it off. An average diaper change with yeast rash in our house looked like this:

1. Remove old diaper and rinse bum off

2. Blowdry

3. Apply Chamomile by using a cloth or a cotton ball (which we did because we didn’t want to have to keep sanitizing the cloths!), DO no wring out…dip and let it get really wet and apply to bottom.

3. Blowdry again

4. Apply breastmilk in the same way as the chamomile

5. Blowdry again or let airdry even for just 5 minutes if you can…ideally until you HAVE to put a diaper on, the longer the better!

6. apply coconut oil to provide a moisture barrier (which we can no longer do as our daughter developed sensitivities to coconut oil which is a whole other rash! But if you can go for it!) before putting a new diaper on.


Cloth Diapers – There are million and two ways to treat cloth diapers for yeast, and what we did is no way more “right” then someone else’s but it has worked for us and it hasn’t been back since we finally got rid of it. Here is my method on an old school front loader

1. Rinse as normal

2. Wash with detergent and bleach. Everywhere has different amounts of bleach to add so I just filled the bleach compartment in the machine to max…when you battle yeast for this long you want be SURE its gone. Wash Hot. Extra rinse

3. Do another hot wash/full rinse cycle with an extra rinse without detergent and I put about 5 drops of tea tree in the bleach compartment this time, 15drops of grapefruitseed extract in the detergent slot and I put 5 drops of lavender (another natural antifungal) in the softener slot

I then did 1 more extra rinse cycle and didn’t use the diapers again until the rash was completely (not mostly…..) gone for 5 days.

ALSO I bleached and treated with grapefruitseed extract anything that touched her bum – so the diaper change cover, any towels used etc….


Doing all of the above, after battling yeast for 2 months, the yeast was gone in about 3 days. She still gets her roll rashes quite often as its next to impossible to kept the sweat and drool out of her rolls so we just keep cleaning them out and using Triple cream AF; but we have not had to treat a yeast bum rash in over a month since getting rid of it. We had a recent scare this weekend when bright red bumps showed up again….but they went away without treatment (as we were camping and unable to follow a lot of the steps) in a day so I am pretty sure it was teething rash rather then yeast.  To try and prevent yeast from reoccurring we continue on the probiotics and LOTS of diaper free time and always make sure she is really dry before putting anything on her bum.

 Here’s a picture of a cute baby to congratulate you for making it to the end of this post! 2014 07 19_0913





4 Months: a long overdue update


Time is such a bizarre concept in the weeks and months after baby. Days can seem excruciating long when your kid is screaming all day, yet there’s not enough time to get anything done. I wanted this to be an update post, about milestones and such, but reality is Raine has changed and grown so much that would be a huge long list of things that all babies do…so while I might throw some of those in, I would rather talk about who Raine is today.

We always joke that Raine wants to keep up with the big kids. I have found a terrific moms’ group in my town and for quite a while Raine was the youngest baby, with the next youngest being about a month older then her. Since we have started to hang out with them Raine seems to be trying to keep up in every way, she weighs the same as them, she’s hitting milestones at the same time as kids a month older then her and I often times have to catch myself from worrying when is behind them.

Raine is a true girl. Obviously she’s girl….as cousin D says “She doesn’t have a peepee!”. But more then that, every morning when she wakes up and eats in her room she looks at her closet at smiles, she doesn’t fuss about putting shoes or headbands on, and she LOVES weddings.

Sleep? Nobody got time for that according to Raine. There’s too much to do in a day and she never wants to stop! If she had her way we would go go go all day long. She gets bored quickly and HATES going to bed and wakes up after just a short nap. However I suppose that might be our fault seeing as from the time she was born she has been exposed to canoeing, camping, hiking, travelling, boating, and being out and about.

Raine is a waterbaby! She loves her baths, and she will happily get in the lake, river, pool, whatever body of water is close by!

Raine is a social baby. At a wedding recently she was passed around to quite a few people with mom and dad no where in sight and all we heard back was how wonderful she was. She likes to talk to everyone and gets frustrated quickly if she figures she’s being ignored (as some of the babies close to her age don’t really have time to listen to her stories). She also is known to have lengthy conversations with her animal toys.

Being Raine’s mom has been a challenge, a blessing, a pleasure and a huge learning curve. No two days are the same (nor are nights) and its exciting watching her transform daily from a baby to a person with a personality of her own. And for the record I do think she’s amazing and I can’t believe she’s already rolled over both ways, is almost sitting on her own (unsupported can last between 10-20 seconds), and the ability to fight sleep is beyond comprehension!




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