4 Months: a long overdue update


Time is such a bizarre concept in the weeks and months after baby. Days can seem excruciating long when your kid is screaming all day, yet there’s not enough time to get anything done. I wanted this to be an update post, about milestones and such, but reality is Raine has changed and grown so much that would be a huge long list of things that all babies do…so while I might throw some of those in, I would rather talk about who Raine is today.

We always joke that Raine wants to keep up with the big kids. I have found a terrific moms’ group in my town and for quite a while Raine was the youngest baby, with the next youngest being about a month older then her. Since we have started to hang out with them Raine seems to be trying to keep up in every way, she weighs the same as them, she’s hitting milestones at the same time as kids a month older then her and I often times have to catch myself from worrying when is behind them.

Raine is a true girl. Obviously she’s girl….as cousin D says “She doesn’t have a peepee!”. But more then that, every morning when she wakes up and eats in her room she looks at her closet at smiles, she doesn’t fuss about putting shoes or headbands on, and she LOVES weddings.

Sleep? Nobody got time for that according to Raine. There’s too much to do in a day and she never wants to stop! If she had her way we would go go go all day long. She gets bored quickly and HATES going to bed and wakes up after just a short nap. However I suppose that might be our fault seeing as from the time she was born she has been exposed to canoeing, camping, hiking, travelling, boating, and being out and about.

Raine is a waterbaby! She loves her baths, and she will happily get in the lake, river, pool, whatever body of water is close by!

Raine is a social baby. At a wedding recently she was passed around to quite a few people with mom and dad no where in sight and all we heard back was how wonderful she was. She likes to talk to everyone and gets frustrated quickly if she figures she’s being ignored (as some of the babies close to her age don’t really have time to listen to her stories). She also is known to have lengthy conversations with her animal toys.

Being Raine’s mom has been a challenge, a blessing, a pleasure and a huge learning curve. No two days are the same (nor are nights) and its exciting watching her transform daily from a baby to a person with a personality of her own. And for the record I do think she’s amazing and I can’t believe she’s already rolled over both ways, is almost sitting on her own (unsupported can last between 10-20 seconds), and the ability to fight sleep is beyond comprehension!





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