And now we are 4

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Introducing Darcy:

Many of you already know, and some of you may not yet know our family has grown again! Our nephew Darcy has come to live with us!

Let me start by saying that the past 3 years have been hard on him, my brother, my extended family and us, as decisions have been (and continue to be) made for the best for the kids. So if I leave details out or you want to know more, please respect that it was probably intentional and out of respect for those involved.  As far as we are concerned, Darcy is a part of our family now and we would want him treated as such by the people around us. However his daddy is still very much his daddy and please respect that he loves him and the my brother is very much a part of his life.

Life is getting busy with a 3.5 year old and 6month old at home, but we are quickly adapting to becoming a family of four….it feels like we pushed the fast forward button…in 1 year we went from being newlyweds to new parents to having a toddler and a baby! And with that comes many more trips to the park, no more TV dinners, a car full of carseats and early bedtimes!

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Darcy adds so much fun to our household, he is constantly trying to make sense of his world and chatters non-stop. Raine loves having a sibling to play with and he can often make her smile. Darcy is also very protective and concerned about her when she is crying or upset. A prime example was this summer at  reunion everyone was clapping and Darcy was saying “shh, be quite, your hurting the babies ears!” of course like any siblings that’s only when he’s not the one taking her toys away from her!  And what a BOY, we now live in a land of Superheros, bugs, trucks, sharks and potty-training!

If you are a pray-er. Please pray for us as all of us are adjusting and that Darcy would feel safe and have a sense of belonging in our home. View More:



Happy Half-Birthday Raine


6 Months.

1 year ago you were the size of a head of lettuce and approximately 2lbs. Still being formed and perfectly protected inside of me

6 months ago you were born and my life changed, no longer an abstract concept of what you would be, you now were, all 8.2lbs of you.

And here we are now….6 months old.

You are now a confident sitter, you love to talk and you love when mommy sings. You like to see your friends, but are beginning to become shy and prefer to meet people from the safety of mom’s arms. Our newest adventure has been FOOD! You are very independent when it comes to food, you want to feed yourself and you want to decide what you like. You like cucumber and avocados and Indian Masala, you are not a fan of oatmeal at all, and not too sure about yogurt yet.

This is what happens when you give your self feeder yogurt! #babyledweaning

You have already grown and changed so much! I find it hard to believe we are already halfway to One! We had some fun today thinking about the future, and feeling like it will come far too soon!

IMG_2062 IMG_2082_edited-1 IMG_2085

No Spend October

I have decided to try and cut back my spending. With a limited mat leave pay (that will run out before I can realistically go back to work full time) and lots of things to spend on, I am finding it hard to be as good about saving as I used to be. One of the moms in an online Mommy group suggested No spend October and I thought I would give it a shot.

These are the guidelines that I have come up with to help me stay on track:

1. Gas and Bills have no spending Cap

2. Groceries: Item cap at 20 items (usually any more then that I am just buying because I want, not need anyways)

3. I will post publically daily (Probably on Facebook) any indulgent spending (hopefully it will help me think twice before spending on something I don’t need)

4. Pre-planned events will be allowed: the pumpkin patch, mom’s night out, birthday dinners out.

5. Halloween: Candy to give out, and costume items will be allowed but encouraged to be creative/as cheap as possible!

In September my “non grocery” spending was 872.00. Desperately need to cut that down! (Of course that does include bills so some of it can’t be cut! But am hoping to see a significant difference by the end of October!)


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