No Spend October

I have decided to try and cut back my spending. With a limited mat leave pay (that will run out before I can realistically go back to work full time) and lots of things to spend on, I am finding it hard to be as good about saving as I used to be. One of the moms in an online Mommy group suggested No spend October and I thought I would give it a shot.

These are the guidelines that I have come up with to help me stay on track:

1. Gas and Bills have no spending Cap

2. Groceries: Item cap at 20 items (usually any more then that I am just buying because I want, not need anyways)

3. I will post publically daily (Probably on Facebook) any indulgent spending (hopefully it will help me think twice before spending on something I don’t need)

4. Pre-planned events will be allowed: the pumpkin patch, mom’s night out, birthday dinners out.

5. Halloween: Candy to give out, and costume items will be allowed but encouraged to be creative/as cheap as possible!

In September my “non grocery” spending was 872.00. Desperately need to cut that down! (Of course that does include bills so some of it can’t be cut! But am hoping to see a significant difference by the end of October!)



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