11 Months

2015 03 09_2409_edited-111 Months….just saying that she is 11 months out loud is enough to make me choke back tears. Where did this year go? How is my baby sooo close to being a toddler? Who replaced the chubby rolly baby with this tall child that want to stand up and move all the time (For the record….her 11 month photos…big fat fail. Way to distracted and moving too much and no way was she going to smile)? It feels so final…11 months. I think it may be compounded by the fact that my body is ready to be done with having a baby as well and nursing has been a struggle the last few months…the fact that the 12 month goal is only a month away and that I have decided that at that point I will no longer put effort into making it work if it is still a struggle. It also means I only have a month left of being home full time…even if I do not go back to work in my current position I will be going back as casual…which means I might not have all the bedtimes with the kids or may have to not be there for them when they wake up…It all seems too soon. Anyways….on to the happy stuff!

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This months milestones!:

18-24M or 2T clothing
Raine likes to dance,
can turn on the Xbox,
drink from an open cup without help (well it still gets messy some days),
clicks her tongue
Pulls herself up on things
“talks” much more regularly
enjoys the park….and not just the swing

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Other fun things this month:
Went to whistler to visit family
Went for hikes in Golden Ears in the hiking pack

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Learning to Be Cheapskates.

Cheapskates…so maybe that isn’t quite the right word…but its the closest I can think of to describe this season of life,  thrifty is what we already did with wearing hand me downs and shopping at used stores, smart with our money is not eating out as much..so maybe its somewhere between thrifty and cheapskates…. With 2 kids and no full time job to go back to, we are trying to figure out how to make it work with me not being able to make the kind of income I was before…when it was already tight. The other day there was a show on TV about cheapskates. I have no desire to sell all my furnature, or be as rude as to taste all the samplers at the icecream place and then not buy anything…but I do want to take what I can from tips and advice as to how to radically save money. It will probably take some time, and a lot more intentionally thinking then we are used to to cut back on things we have already cut back on…to try and repurpose things before throwing them away. We recently were on a roadtrip and stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and bagels….I felt ridiculously cheap when I asked my husband to not throw away the paper bag…there was nothing wrong with it, we might as well save it and add it to our own stash of lunch bags… hopefully the here and theres will add up over time and somehow we will stay afloat!

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