Two and a half – only halfway terrible


Who is this big kid?

The one who is determined to get her choice of cereal in the morning
The one who dances around telling me “mom I ‘rina’ dancing”
The one who speaks non stop – until she knows she might get in trouble and won’t say a word.
The one who decided to potty train on her own schedule…(right in the middle of a busy time period no less)
The one who wears clothes found in the kids section – not the baby section
The one who plays cars in a princess dress
The one who helps put laundry away
The one who wants to go her friends houses to play every day….and gets upset if the answer is not today.
The one who sings in the backseat every time we get into the car…and helps do up her own carseat.
The one who sets up tea parties and and cooks for her babies

Somewhere in the past 6 months my toddler has been left behind for the glimpses of the little girl emerging.



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