3 Years.


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Twilight Sparkle Dress for her My Little “Pony party” 

3 Years old. Its bittersweet saying goodbye to diapers, bye to naptimes, bye to the crib and bye to the last things that makes you a baby. Truth be told you haven’t been a baby for some time now, but now mommy cannot live in denial. You will start Pre-school this year, you use the washroom on your own and can get dressed by yourself, you have your own opinions and ideas about everything from what your wearing to what we should do today, and no hesitation to make sure that I am well aware of them!

You are a thinker, you tend to observe before you act, which usually serves you quite well. You are very strong willed, and my prayer is that it lasts far past when my influence weans, that you will be secure in who you are and not tossed to and fro by others, but for the time being, do you think you could maybe just maybe be agreeable once in a while.

You have an amazing imagination. You are always pretending something, the cup and spoon often have conversations and your favorite plaything are the things that allow you to create your own storyline. Pony’s being the top of that list right now.

You are social. You have many little friends, you often vocalize that Maddy is your “very best friend forever all day”. You love church and getting to play with the kids there. You ask if its playgroup day most days of the week as you are excited to see your friends.

You love beautiful things, dresses – the bigger the better, pretty hairdos, mirrors, princesses, castles, are what you are drawn to. You are also not afraid to get dirty and love to play outside (once your convinced to go out).

I love watching you grow into a little human, but you will always be my baby.
Happy Birthday to my little Princess

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Boo is turning Two!


Dear Daughter,

It feels like yesterday we were bringing you home in your infant carrier, propped up with blankets because you seemed so small in the seat, that you had your first smiles, foods, laughs…as we have have transitioned through first steps and first words, at some point you have also crossed the line between baby and toddler.


There is no doubt you are a toddler now. You have definite preferences; You LOVE Owls and call them Hoo’s, Dora and Boots, Daniel Tiger and Baby Jake, and reading your “Bibow” Bible. You love to colour and I am always impressed at how you no longer randomly scribble but you choose what to colour, although sometimes that is still the walls. You love to be outside, whether it be walks, going to the part or building and playing in the backyard.  but you also are developing distinct dislikes as well,  you do NOT like to be woken up, or to wear certain shoes, or going to bed – well maybe that one isn’t new or surprising – but now you have the words to make sure we know just how much you dislike it.  “No” is a very prevalent word in your dictionary these days. You might still look more like Daddy, but you are definitely mommy’s girl when it comes to personality, you know what you want and how to to get it every time.


You are so social! Everything I have heard about your father and myself as small children, I wasn’t expecting you to be our little social butterfly! You may not have hundreds of words but you have many friends, but you are always wanting to be around others. You know exactly where your friends live and never want to go past without waving or saying hi, you love to share and to make others happy, to smile at babies, and to give hugs to everyone you meet. I hope that this side of you never dulls and you are always as caring and friendly as you grow up.


I love this stage that we are entering, of constant curiosity and learning. You seem to just absorb knowledge these days! You know several words in Spanish (Leche, Cuna, Agua, Gato, Perro, beso, cabeza, pelo, ojo, mano, nariz, boca to name a few) , you can pick out several letters on a page (the important ones….O for owl, R for Raine, A, and I) and most of your body parts. You identify most of the animals by the sound they make. You have surprised us by learning how to get your clothes off, and your favorite day of the week is the day you go to My Gym, where you have really found a new confidence in both your physical abilities and in helping you to really “come out of your shell” and develop your personality.  Of course we were not expecting that would mean you would use the whole house as a gym!

My birthday wish and prayer for you is that you would know how loved you are, that you would never stop learning and growing, that your love for the Bible and Church would become the foundation for a love for God. That this coming year would full of even more exploring and joy.  Mommy and Daddy (Papa as you call him these days) love you so much.



Mister D turns 5

The day this kid has been waiting for…. Since he was three he has been talking about it…the ultimate age for a preschooler to hit….signifying the start of a new era….


F-I-V-E! Thats right… 5. the Big one, the one that signifies that hes not little boy any more, but a big kid, who is going to “big kid school” this coming September.

This year was a hard one for us all, but it has been extraordinary to see the changes it has brought. There were times that I honestly was at my wits end with what to do to calm the storm and if we were strong enough to be the parents he needs. With help from some professionals, and lots of studying and connecting to others, we have come to accept that he may likely always have some extra struggles, but he is so much more then his struggles or labels and he is proving it every day, we are so thankful to those who have given us encouragement and tools, and continue to do so, to help support him as he grows.

. He has learned to let us help him through the hard things, that food isn’t all that bad (and he’s grown to prove it!), to count to 10 (most of the time), to write his name, and  That it’s ok do things on his own, and its ok to be need parents sometimes too.


The kids had a blast decorating his cake!


This year has been full of dinosaurs, playing outside – the muddier the better, lego, drawing, playing with Little (sis), summer at the lake (s), finding snakes, and all those other sorts of little boy things (that hopefully will stick around for this BIG KID).


These kids love each other so much! 

So to finish up, Mister D, We love you to the moon and back, and to the lakehouse and back and even Mexico and back! I can’t believe your 5!

Look Hoo’s One!

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Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!

Another time I might try and share some thoughts and reflections on the year, but today its your Birthday, and we are too busy celebrating! You had a hoot of a time with your friends and your grandpas and grandmas and aunties came too! Mommy made all sorts of decorations to celebrate your first year of life and you even had your first cupcake! Everyone gave you such wonderful presents,  you are going to have a great summer playing with them all!

Birth 2015 04 11_2758 2015 04 11_2760_edited-1 2015 04 11_2763 2015 04 11_2765 2015 04 11_2766 2015 04 11_2767 2015 04 11_2768 2015 04 11_2773 2015 04 11_2796 2015 04 11_2794 2015 04 11_2810_edited-1 2015 04 11_2816Happy Birthday little one! We all hope you had a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday Mr D


Superhero D

It was D’s birthday on the first, and we were all sick with the flu! Poor kid. We didn’t want to let it go without taking some updated pictures! (And a party, but we will save that for another post) IMG_3897 IMG_3933 Highlights of 3: You moved to Maple Ridge You no longer wear diapers. You like to read magazines by yourself You learned to skateboard IMG_3941 IMG_3942 You can make Raine laugh more then anyone else You love to give hugs You eat sleep and breath SuperHeroes, in particular Spiderman, Batman and “Engine (Ninja) Turtles” IMG_3981 You get dressed by yourself You love playing with “friends” – that is the kids at daycare, Sunday school, the park, the McDonalds playground…anywhere there are kids. You love to be silly You like to dance…especially with Auntie…especially when you have been asked to do something. IMG_3939 We are excited to see you grow and learn now that your a “big boy 4”!  We love you D!

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