3 Years.


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Twilight Sparkle Dress for her My Little “Pony party” 

3 Years old. Its bittersweet saying goodbye to diapers, bye to naptimes, bye to the crib and bye to the last things that makes you a baby. Truth be told you haven’t been a baby for some time now, but now mommy cannot live in denial. You will start Pre-school this year, you use the washroom on your own and can get dressed by yourself, you have your own opinions and ideas about everything from what your wearing to what we should do today, and no hesitation to make sure that I am well aware of them!

You are a thinker, you tend to observe before you act, which usually serves you quite well. You are very strong willed, and my prayer is that it lasts far past when my influence weans, that you will be secure in who you are and not tossed to and fro by others, but for the time being, do you think you could maybe just maybe be agreeable once in a while.

You have an amazing imagination. You are always pretending something, the cup and spoon often have conversations and your favorite plaything are the things that allow you to create your own storyline. Pony’s being the top of that list right now.

You are social. You have many little friends, you often vocalize that Maddy is your “very best friend forever all day”. You love church and getting to play with the kids there. You ask if its playgroup day most days of the week as you are excited to see your friends.

You love beautiful things, dresses – the bigger the better, pretty hairdos, mirrors, princesses, castles, are what you are drawn to. You are also not afraid to get dirty and love to play outside (once your convinced to go out).

I love watching you grow into a little human, but you will always be my baby.
Happy Birthday to my little Princess

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