Happy Birthday Mr D


Superhero D

It was D’s birthday on the first, and we were all sick with the flu! Poor kid. We didn’t want to let it go without taking some updated pictures! (And a party, but we will save that for another post) IMG_3897 IMG_3933 Highlights of 3: You moved to Maple Ridge You no longer wear diapers. You like to read magazines by yourself You learned to skateboard IMG_3941 IMG_3942 You can make Raine laugh more then anyone else You love to give hugs You eat sleep and breath SuperHeroes, in particular Spiderman, Batman and “Engine (Ninja) Turtles” IMG_3981 You get dressed by yourself You love playing with “friends” – that is the kids at daycare, Sunday school, the park, the McDonalds playground…anywhere there are kids. You love to be silly You like to dance…especially with Auntie…especially when you have been asked to do something. IMG_3939 We are excited to see you grow and learn now that your a “big boy 4”!  We love you D!


9 Months


9 months. Can you believe it. 9 Months ago we met this little princess, after waiting what felt like forever the 9 months previously for her to be born…these past 9 months have flown by! It’s a bit of a crazy thing to think that 18 months ago she was but a speck…and we have already had to pass on her infant seat that she has grown out of and bought her (hopefully) last carseat that goes up to 85lbs!

20lbs-ish (no doctors appointments lately, or public health visits)
Mostly in 18 month clothes
Full time Cloth Diapers as even one hour in a disposable or using a store bought wipe gives her rash
We are on allergy look out for coconuts and she has shown signs of allergies (super bad rashes) to Ibuprofen.
She is not crawling, but just in the past couple days is starting to try and pull up on things.
Gets up 1-2 a night, but is moving her morning earlier….momma is not too impressed.
Has FINALLY found her sense of humor. Is no longer constantly serious and likes to be funny and laugh at the world around her…especially when she is blowing bubbles!

IMG_3841-2 IMG_3861 IMG_3852

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