1 Month

IMG_0372 It’s amazing how fast time goes with a little one. March was the longest month EVER and yet April has disappeared overnight! It seems like just yesterday I was eating Pineapple and bouncing on a yoga ball willing this little baby into the world, and here she is already a month old.

At One Month Raine:

Sleeps an average of 1.5-2 hours at a time (although last night she gave mommy a present of sleeping almost 4 hours in one stretch!)

Fits in 3 month clothes, is already outgrowing her 0-3m outfits. (Never did fit in newborn clothes!)

Fits in about half of her cloth diapers, and size 1 pampers

Feeds for about 10-15 minutes at a time….every 2 hours

Only wants to sleep on mommy, most of time refuses to sleep in her bassinette.

Projectile vomits about once every 2 days; more often if mommy and daddy forget to hold her upright for 30 minutes after a meal, or if she falls asleep before burping

Lost her umbilical cord at about 8 days old.

Loves her carseat! Car rides and Stroller outings are her favorite! Will tolerate being”worn” for short periods of time.


Mommy Notes:

I knew life would change completely when Raine was born, some things I was prepared for, others not so much. I was prepared to lose a lot of sleep, change a lot of diapers, and do a lot of feeding. I wasn’t as prepared for the mommy healing. I always kind of assumed that once baby was here, I would just have some extra weight to lose and a longer period. I wasn’t prepared for needing to take life REALLY slow so that I didn’t overdo it (which leads to more bleeding, itchiness, cramps, swelling etc), the complexities of breastfeeding and boobs that seem to go out of control, or the new constant worries that for some reason I didn’t think I would be so worried about (is she still breathing? what is this rash? How do you know if its gas or colic or something else making her cry etc…). At the same time I can truthfully say I love being a Mom, and now that we are past the first few weeks, I am enjoying it more…even if it feels like I can’t get anything done, even if I have no sleep and worry, just looking at her makes it all worth it. I love going for walks with her, or just cuddling with her in the morning before starting the day. I love watching her funny expressions and wondering about what she is going to be like as she gets older.


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