Baby’s First Christmas Photos

Had some fun playing with lights and holiday props the other day to capture some Christmas Photos of Raine.

IMG_3501_edited-3 IMG_3506_edited-1 IMG_3498_edited-2 IMG_3517_edited-2 IMG_3519_edited-2 IMG_3522_edited-1 IMG_3526_edited-1 IMG_3542_edited-2 IMG_3544_edited-1 IMG_3548_edited-1 IMG_3563_edited-1


8 Months


8 Months

Can this be right?? My baby girl is already 8 months old?? She is developing quite the personality…has decided she doesn’t like to eat by herself anymore and would rather be fed… she loves to make noise! Clapping and banging toys together (or on you or on the floor…anywhere she can get a sound) is possibly her favorite activity as of late. She is also starting to understand language….she waves if you say hi or bye, she claps when you say YAY! and heaven forbid you say “milk” if you are not ready to feed her right that second!

Being December and her first Christmas, as well as Darcy’s first Christmas with us, we have been trying to get out to the Christmas evens in our community. We went to a tree lighting in Osprey, a little village by the river, we went to Breakfast with Santa at our church and are creating family traditions at home.

Santa snow2014 11 30_1769_edited-1

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